About Our Kid's Program

What you should know in order to select the best martial arts school for your child

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Dear fellow parents,

We all want our children to gain self-confidence, improve personal discipline, learn respect, and improve their focus while at the same time getting a good physical workout and learning lifelong self-defense skills in the process. The proper system for your child will certainly provide these benefits and much more. We are certain the issues you are facing are common and we would like to do our best provide you with the most information possible to help you make your decision an informed one.

First, what is the schools primary objective for its kids program?

The primary objective for the Fight Academy kids program is to teach the kids primary self-defense skills. We believe that those kids who properly know how to defend themselves never need to prove it. Students of the academy look at it as they should, it is a sport first and means of self-defense second. Confidence and humility are derivatives of excellent training in the martial arts; they are not the starting point. Many schools advertise they will instill discipline, confidence etc. in their students. The issue arises when the kids discover their training may not be effective in a real situation. Our kids learn all aspects of self-defense, from grappling, striking to controlled breathing. Once they have a handle on the varied aspects they are able to combine them upon graduation from the kids program.

At Fight Academy we use a traditional belt system for our Chun Kuk Do program. In this program the kids get the benefit of achieving belt promotions and the understanding of the roots of martial arts. We combine that education with an education in other effective forms of the martial arts, including Jean Jaques Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Wrestling to help the kids grow into complete Martial Artists.

Unfortunately the martial arts world has become very watered down and in numerous situations the primary objective is to get people into their system, push them through to black belt taking excessive amounts of money for testing fees, thus creating space for the new money. Most martial arts schools these days charge an escalating testing fee for belt promotions. Testing at other schools can start in the area of thirty dollars for initial belts and can have hidden fees which can exceed twelve or fifteen hundred dollars by the time they achieve a black belt.

At Fight Academy each child is evaluated individually for belt promotions. When ready, a new belt or tape is awarded at the end of class. This encourages each student to give 100% every time they train. We do not charge a fee for belt promotions and you can be assured that when your child becomes a Chun Kuk Do Black Belt they have earned it.

Second, how does the program encourage goal realization?

One of the most important life skills that a child can take away from a martial arts program is to learn that through dedicated training, all goals can be obtained. Within our program we recognize children’s accomplishments without “giving” away belts. Students are rewarded each class for their participation and efforts, rewarded after fifty classes, one hundred classes, and two hundred and fifty classes. It will take approximately three and a half to five years of consistent training for your child to achieve their black belt. In order to visualize their goal we recommend hanging a black belt with your child’s name on it. Visualizing their objective every day in class, students of Fight Academy stay motivated and look at the belt with their name on it as inspiration.

Third, what tools do we supply the student with which will help to resolve conflict without combat.

At some point in our childhood, all of us were faced with the issues associated with a bully. Our goal at Fight Academy is to equip our students with the skills necessary in the areas of confidence, communications skills and self-defense so they can take on the “no victim” mentality. Students at Fight Academy learn how to defend themselves but are taught in class that the best way to win a fight is without physical confrontation.

What type of role models is the school presenting to its students?

Instructors play a vital role in the nurturing of a martial arts student. Children look up to their instructors and have interest in emulating them not only on the floor and their martial arts abilities, but in life. Our instructors continue their education in and outside the gym; they continue training and actively compete to keep their skills current and bring that knowledge to the students. We believe that continued life long education plays a crucial role in martial arts and in life. Part of being humble is the constant recognition that one always has more to learn. The owners of Fight Academy both have bachelor degrees and one is pursing his MBA at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. We always recommend to students that they continue education after high school in order to better themselves. It is our goal to mentor and encourage every one of our students to obtain their college degrees or advanced education in a field of expertise as well as achieving their black belt in Mr. Chuck Norris’ art of Chun Kuk Do.

What is the basis for recognizing outstanding achievement?

At Fight Academy we love to cultivate talent and athleticism. Our criteria for advancement and evolution is not based on perfect kicks and punches, but great attitudes. Certainly powerful kicks and effective punches are praised but what gets higher praise are children with “special winning attitudes.” SWAT, a character development program, focuses on the responsibilities of the student outside of the school, which teaches important values of the martial arts through monthly-based activities. For example, in the months focusing on “respect”, the child must show respect to their parents, the same way they do to their martial arts instructors in class, by responding at home saying, “yes sir or ma’am”, and “no sir or ma’am” for the month.

How does the school instill its students with unshakeable self-confidence?

Children, like adults, obtain confidence through achievement. At Fight Academy students are taught how to set, realize, and achieve their goals. As the student learns a new technique such as a kick, or how to properly pronounce the name of a form in the Korean language, the student begins to build a collection of successes they draw upon for self-esteem.

We hope this information will help you choose the proper program for your child. Please feel free to call or stop by the academy if you have additional questions. You and your kids are always invited to come join us for a free introductory private lesson so your child can begin or continue their wonderful journey through the martial arts!